GMO-Free, Open Pollinated, Non Hybrid and Heirloom

The title of this post uses key words that are in the news. If you’re a gardener you are aware of these words. It’s worth repeating that wild strawberries (aka alpine strawberries, Fragaria vesca and other names) are GMO-Free, Open Pollinated, non Hybrids and heirlooms.

I wonder sometimes what it was like when the only strawberries available were the wild ones. By this time of the year I’m craving strawberries. I walk past the large tastless ones in the produce market and grocery store. In the past I gave in to temptation and bought some. Every time I’m disappointed. You see, I was diagnosed several years ago with type 2 diabetes. I can’t put tablespoons of sugar on my strawberries. That’s what you have to do with the hybrid types. Yes, they are better from the garden because they’re allowed to ripen. And, we do grow some hybrids in our garden, primarily Mara des Bois.

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