Future Coupons

We will begin offering coupons for our plant and seed sites. They will be offered exclusively via our newsletters. Make sure and subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss out on coupons.

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Future Posts – Visit Our New Site

We have been trying to keep content current on two blogs. One blog is enough work, two, impossible. Recently, we created a new site at www.superfruitseeds.com. It is both a blog and ecommerce store thanks to the versatility of WordPress. I won’t go into the rationale for this new site here but suffice it to say that we will not be updating this blog. We will keep it up but ask that you visit the Super Fruit Seeds site for the most up to date blogs related to gourmet strawberries and nutraceutical berries.

Newsletters – Old and New

The name of our newsletter is Gourmet Berry News. Yesterday we purchased that domain (www.gourmetberrynews.com). This site will handle new subscriptions, unsubscriptions an will archive current and future newsletters. Visit to catchup on our news and to subscribe.