Welcome to Gourmet Strawberries Blog

Hi. My name is Mike Wellik. I have several websites including this one for The Strawberry Store. I have to admit that I also have a couple of blogs out there, none of which I followed up on or spent a lot of time on. They kind of get lost out there in the virtual world … partially because the passwords and urls are not easy to remember. I WILL work at this one and spend the time needed to get it going.

There are a lot of forums/blogs/sites out there about strawberries. There are a few about gourmet fruit. I haven’t seen one that I liked or trusted about gourmet strawberries. Much of the information is heresay or is based on repeating what someone else said. I want this blog to be different. Here is what I would like to ask.

First, this blog is about gourmet strawberries. To define that I mean any strawberries from the following genus/species – Fragaria vesca, F. moschata (musks) and F. virginiana (virginia strawberry). I will also include F. X ananassa ‘Mara des Bois’. There are more but that’s a good place to start. Please try to limit discussions to this list. It doesn’t hurt to mention other species and hybrids but this is not the place for long discussions about these others.

If you have experience with gourmet strawberries then contribute. If you don’t, listen and ask questions. I don’t want to see misinformation propagated here. I see it often. I was on a garden forum recently. Someone was going on and on about alpines and how difficult they are to grow from seed. The said negative things about the supplier of the seeeds. I hope that others were not discouraged by what this person was saying. It wasn’t easy for that one person but that’s not to say that someone else should just give up before starting.

So, let’s get started. I’m going to start with alpines by staring a couple of discussions. Please join in. Contribute. Ask questions. Let’s go …..